Meet Lucas

We are excited to introduce you to our AccesSurfer of the month Lucas Raburn Lucas first came to a Day at the Beach in 2018 with his ABA group from Malama Pono. Lucas has advanced his surfing at [...]

Meet Nathan

We meet a lot of wonderful people through AccesSurf and this month we look forward to introducing you to a new AccesSurfer, Nathan Totman! In only a few months with AccesSurf he has become a big [...]

Meet Kevin

This month we are excited to share the story of our main man, Kevin! Kevin is one cool surfer dude, and is always the life of the beach party. We are honored that Kevin wanted to spend his [...]

Meet Kayle

Each month we try to share with all of you the story of one of our AccesSurfer’s, and this month we are stoked to introduce every one to one of our coolest surfer dudes – Kayle! Here [...]