Meet Madison

If you’ve ever met Madison, you know her smile could light up the whole beach! Her joy is contagious and we love seeing her biggest fan (dad) always by her […]

Meet Victoria

Forbes- “This Hawaiian Resort Is The First To Offer Adaptive Surf Lessons For Guests” Travel & Leisure- “This Iconic Hawaiian Resort Is Now Offering Adaptive Surf Lessons [...]

Meet Jeremy

My name is Jeremy Levy. I am 36 years old, and I am from Aurora, Colorado.  I am totally blind and have been since birth. I enjoy swimming, playing the […]

Meet Justin

My name is Justin Silva I suffered a stroke about three years ago. Due to an AVM that I didn’t know I had. The first time I heard about AccesSurf […]

Meet Nolan

Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Nolan, 10 years ago I was stricken with a rare Autoimmune illness called GBS. Been a quad ever since. How and […]

Meet Nico

Meet Nico Gallegos, prone surfer from Argentina and long time friend. We LOVE having him in Hawai’i every year for the Hawai’i Adaptive Surfing Championship as he brings great vibes [...]

Meet Corey!

Corey has been more than wonderful to have at our programs, both as a volunteer and participant! We love to have him at check in but also killing it at […]

Meet Ella!

Ella! We just love Ella’s energy and passion for being in the water. The smiles that shines off her face when she’s surfing with her buddy KK is second to […]