Tell us a little about yourself
Hola, my name is Ashley Bunting. I am from New Mexico. I enjoy traveling, surfing, sports, working out, and just love being active. Six years ago I was in a car accident that resulted in a Spinal Cord Injury.
How and when you heard about /started with Accessurf.
I first heard about Accessurf through Craig Hospital’s alumni program. One of the adventure trips consisted of surfing in Hawaii with AccesSurf. Immediately, I knew this was the trip that I wanted to take.  Unfortunately, they said that I had to wait until I was a year out from my injury. The year I was finally able to go, Covid hit, so I ended up having to “patiently” wait two years to make the trip.
Finally, in November 2022, I was able to attend and The Craig/AccesSurf Surf camp didn’t disappoint!
What does AccesSurf mean to you?
AccesSurf means alot to me! It has helped change my perspective on life in a wheelchair! Growing up and as an adult, I have always loved going to the beach. After my injury, I went to a beach in Florida and was devastated. It was not the same, later on I told my mom I don’t think I’m a beach person anymore, it was more devastating than relaxing. After attending an Accessurf event that thinking went out the window! I was back on the beach and in the water and loving every minute of it! Accessurf truly provides an environment that creates an ocean of possabilities that has created so many opportunities for me as well as others. AccesSurf embodies Aloha and embraces you into their Ohana.
Favorite AccesSurf memory-
I have so many favorite memories with Accessurf but if I had to choose one, it would be the Craig AccesSurf Surf camp. The very first wave they pushed me on, I rode all the way into the beach. In that moment,  I completely fell in love with surfing. It was a day I’d never forget! I didn’t want to ever get out of the water and eventually realized that I was the only participant still out in the water.
Anything you want to say or share with our AccesSurf ‘ohana?
AccesSurf completely changed my life! Not only did they help me find my love of the beach and the ocean again but also opened up opportunities for me to compete and become a competitive athlete again! I savor in attending your events, you can genuinely feel the love and a sense of belonging.