If you’ve ever met Madison, you know her smile could light up the whole beach! Her joy is contagious and we love seeing her biggest fan (dad) always by her side.

Here’s more from Madison:

“Aloha, I’m Madison Makishima. I’m 20 years old. I was born three months early and that led me to being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I’ve been in a wheelchair ever since. Now, I attend Chaminade University where I met a friend named Connor who introduced me to AccesSurf. From that point on, I started surfing in April 2023 on my birthday! To me, AccesSurf means being back in the ocean and creating a positive environment for every person who is there on the beach and on the ocean. My favorite memory from Day At The Beach is the first time that I was able to stand up on the surfboard! That was my main goal since the beginning of this journey. I had a lot of fun. I would like to thank everyone from the volunteers to the AccesSurf team and surf photographers for providing me with so many wonderful moments in and out of the water. This is truly a team effort between all of us, and I look forward to being at the next Day At The Beach!”