Well, after more than 10 years of volunteering with AccesSurf, you figure Jeff would be sick of us by now! We’re kidding of course – but Jeff is one of our original volunteers, and has been there since day one. That is what makes Jeff’s commitment to us even more special – that after all these years of service, he is more involved than ever.

Jeff’s list of contributions to AccesSurf could go on for pages. But for now we are just going to focus on all the amazing things he has done for us over the last year – which is still quite a long list. For starters, Jeff is our Key Leader (along with the amazing Linda) for our Assisted Swim crew, he also organizes and leads our quarterly adaptive swim clinics (along with the amazing Donielle). If that wasn’t enough, he is a very active member of our Leadership Committee and has been a tremendous resource in helping us manage our participant and volunteer databases (which is a tremendous feat!). All of this on top of working a full time job that demands so much of his time.


So Jeff – here is to you, our Volunteer of the Year. Thank you for everything that you do for us. With that, here are a few words from Jeff himself:

I have been volunteering with AccesSurf for over 10 years with some of the most incredible people I have ever known.  Over the past 10 years I have been thanked many times for what I give, and every time it humbles me because  everything I have given to AccesSurf has been returned tenfold.  Every event I participate in with AccesSurf brings me joy, laughter, friendship, and inspiration.  At every event I see laughter, smiles, and compassion that fill my soul.  I see courage and determination that humble and inspire me to greater heights.  I see the sincere acceptance of all people regardless of age, color, creed or circumstance, and an acknowledgement of each individual’s unique strengths.  After 10 years, I still leave each event with a childish sense of awe at what I have just experienced, and with a renewed faith in humanity.  With a renewed sense that, deep down inside, human nature is kind and compassionate.  And in addition to all that, AccesSurf is simply a blast!  That is my tenfold return, and that is why I am truly honored to be a part of the AccesSurf ohana.”