While looking through all of our amazing photos (as always, thank you Jason Rose and Woody Bell!), it was nearly impossible to find a photograph of Paul – our volunteer of the month – on dry land. That has to be because he is surfing from start to finish nearly each and every event. Paul started volunteering with us a year ago, and was a rock star from day one. Aside from being a great surfer – Paul is humble and dedicated, always willing to go out for one more surf and always the first to raise his hand to help our participants who need extra assistance (who else has gotten with Kamerin with a K to STAND on a surfboard!). We could go on and on talking about how grateful we are for Paul and all that he does, but perhaps it’s best to hear his story in his own words:

I started volunteering in November of 2016, which was AccesSurf’s 10th anniversary. I’ve never really volunteered before, so big thanks to Dennis Mosher for introducing me to AccesSurf.

Now, I couldn’t imagine a better way to start the month, and after each event I spend the rest of the month looking forward to the next one. It’s truly something to look forward to.

There is nothing like the energy and fun loving vibe you feel at AccesSurf. When you see every one coming out to the beach, and when you see all the smiles of the particpants – it’s magic. Fun little moments always pop into my head well after each event – thinking about hooting and hollering out there on the waves.

Everyone at AccesSurf is is so helpful and friendly. Just a blessing, for real.”