We are so pleased to announce our Participant of the Year, Gary Hernando! Gary is pretty much AccesSurf’s ambassador of stoke. We could hardly imagine doing a Day at the Beach event without Gary being there, in fact – in more than five years Gary has only missed ONE event, and that was for a Pay Per View boxing match.

I think one line that Gary shares from time to time really sums up Gary’s perspective on the world – “The worst disability out there is a poor attitude.” We could hardly imagine anyone with a more positive perspective and outlook on life than Gary. He makes every moment count, and his positivity rubs off on anyone who talks to him.

Here are some simple and to the point, from the heart words from Gary:

Since the first time i went to access surf in 2012 it has been a big part of my life. Its my second ohana and I love everything that happens there. I look forward to every month to get my batteries recharged and give my attitude a jump start. I love everyone there and they know I love them as well. That’s about the only place you can go these days where everyone is equal, the vibes are great, and everyone has one thing in common, harmony.”