It has been a long time in coming for us to  highlight and thank Dan Mitsuda for all that he does for AccesSurf. He is one of our dedication surf instructors who rarely says no too ‘just one more participant to surf with’. Even after a long day paddling with so many people Dan is usually one of the last  yellow shirts we see on the beach ready and willing to go ‘one more time’… and he does it all with a smile!

Let’s hear from Dan himself…

I’ve been so blessed to be able to grow up here in Hawaii & to surf all my life. From the “ankle biters to overhead waves”. To go “over the falls” to getting pitted in a barrel!  And just about everything in between. 

Then, 4 yrs ago, in a matter of about one week, I had 3 different people talk to me about AccesSurf (I guess I was stubborn). Talking to a friend about a big group of people at White Plains Beach. Seeing Eddie Murai at an expo, him being excited about being involved with AccesSurf. That I would love it….
Then while running around Diamond Head, having Ryan Chahanovich stop me in my tracks when he sees my AccesSurf shirt. He enthusiastically inviting me to come out to DATB!  
It couldn’t be just a coincidence. So I thought I would go to help out, but what I got out of it in return was way more. Its hard to describe, but watching the aloha spirit at work, watching others overcome & achieve. It’s definitely an experience that’s worth being apart of & sharing!