Well this month we get to introduce you to someone fairly new to the AccesSurf family – but he started out all in with us by taking on one of our hardest and most involved volunteer roles – head of the lunch tent! So, we are excited to celebrate Norm – our humble lunch hero. Norm came to us through our good friends Military Mike and Michelle (who we miss!), and went straight into the role of feeding all of our volunteers and participants. The day before each event Norm goes to Costco for a mega shopping trip, it’s a lot of work to feed so many people.

So let’s turn it over to Norm and let him share his AccesSurf story.

“Shoots! I was surfing at White Plains Beach one morning and Military Mike said…. ‘Why don’t you check out AccesSurf.’ To which I gave him a bit of a question mark shaka – ‘What is AccesSurf?’ Soon I would find out it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. Each first Saturday of the month, you won’t find me anywhere else. A tear comes to my eye each time I am privileged enough to take part in AccesSurf, I’m so lucky to be a part of this magical experience – it’s like a double rainbow.

Rock On! Party hard! Live FOREWA!”