We remember the first day we met Lynette and her son Landon. She was so full of energy and eagerness she jumped right into the mix to help it was as though she had always been with us. Somehow we were lucky enough that she migrated to the overwhelming task of organizing our ever growing equipment tent and she sure runs a tight ship! That was four year ago and since then Lynette has put endless hours of work and dedication into AccesSurf at events and behind the scenes with our Leadership Committee. She always has a smile to offer and willingness to help however needed.

It is our absolute pleasure to honor Lynette as VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR!

Let’s hear from her about her experience with AccesSurf…


My experience with AccesSurf… in one word… priceless. In a little less than 4 years I’ve met so many wonderful people, received/given countless hugs, and received, given, and witnessed endless smiles. Volunteering is an experience where you give of oneself, but receive much in return, in the way of feelings and experiences that are unique to the event or organization you are volunteering with. From my very first AccesSurf event, the positive energy and joy that exuded from participants and volunteers alike made me want to come back… it was unlike anything I’d experienced before. There is a special kind of joy that exudes from people at AccesSurf, and to be a part of something that brings out that special kind of joy is priceless. Thank you AccesSurf for the friendships I’ve gained through my volunteering… and for the special joy you bring out in us all.


tani and buster