What a way to start a new year … by honoring one of our very dedicated volunteers Tani Kalaukoa.

Some of you may remember us sharing his story a few years ago but Tani has deepened his involvement even more with AccesSurf.   He has stepped into a leadership role with the swim area at DATB and has recently joined our Leadership Committee, one of our governing committees that oversees our programs and events. PLUS he has been a huge support our new partnership program with Hawaii Adaptive Paddling Association and Honolulu Pearl Canoe Club. Thank you Tani for supporting for our whole community.

Now let’s hear from Tani about how he got involved with AccesSurf and what it means to him…


I’m a Native Hawaiian, born and raised here on Oahu. Just like my Native Hawaiian ancestors I grew up in and around the ocean. In 2015 I made a very special friend  from the Bay Area of Northern California named Tina Lee, we’re both kindred spirits with the same deep love for the ocean. Tina’s love for both the ocean and her undying desire to help people brought her to volunteer with AccesSurf. Tina knew I had the same desire to help people. She felt I would enjoy volunteering with AccesSurf but I was very reluctant to come out at first and it took her nearly a year to finally convince me to finally come out for my first Day at the Beach in February of 2016. I volunteered with assisted swim and I instantly fell in love with the organization and what they do to help people. I’ve been volunteering at Day at the Beach events, swim clinics and my new favorite the canoe paddling clinics. I admit I tend to take things in life for granted and complain about how bad my life is but the participants at AccesSurf  have made me appreciate life a lot more and  they done more for me than I could ever do for them.   Tani Kalaukoa, AccesSurf volunteer