There are a lot of moving parts to Day at the Beach or any AccesSurf program days and one of the important areas at our programs is the transfer team. We were very fortunate when Katie McKay joined our ‘ohana and with her experience as a physical therapist she gravitated to helping with the transfers. Since then Katie has taken a leadership role with the transfer team, assists with our participant profiling AND has recently joined our Leadership Committee which oversees all of our program and special events operations. She always has a smile and takes time for everyone she is working with to ensure a great experience. Thank you Katie !!


A common phrase among military spouses is “bloom where you are planted.” We move every few years, often clear across the globe, but the only way to make a new place feel like home is to put ourselves out there, learn our way around, and get to know the people around us. In 2018 I was lucky enough to be planted in beautiful Hawaii, so I started looking for ways to get involved in my new community. I found AccesSurf from a Google search! I am a physical therapist so I thought I might be able to help out in some capacity… but I didn’t know the first thing about surfing! I showed up anyway, hoping that maybe there would be a place for me. I was welcomed on to the transfer team with open arms and immediately knew that this was where I am supposed to be.

I love being a part of the transfer team at AccesSurf events! Everyone is excited to get in the water, and I get to share in that joy and enthusiasm. When it’s time to get out, I love hearing stories about all the awesome surf, swim or paddle sessions that just went down!

AccesSurf has changed my life. The friendships I’ve made and the events I’ve been lucky enough to participate in have left an impression on my heart that I’ll cherish forever. Today I know a little more about surfing… and a lot more about what it means be a part of an amazing ‘ohana. Thank you, AccesSurf! Katie McKay, AccesSurf volunteer

tani and buster