We all know that EVERYONE’S favorite place to volunteer is really on the Water Transfer team, they are the fantastic workhorses that help make each of our events possible. Well, without the amazing Crystal, our Water Transfer team would not be nearly as awesome, efficient, and safe as it is. Though we are sad she is being deployed off island, we are grateful to get this chance to honor one of our favorite volunteers and share her story with you all!


We moved to the Island in late 2012, my daughter Isabella was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in 2011. So when we moved to the island her new physical therapist told us about the Accessurf organization.
At first I was hesitant, I did not know what I was getting myself or my daughter into. So the first time we came down to Day At The Beach, it was majestic.
I was so scared out of my mind to put my faith into a complete stranger, I was literally giving them my child and wishing for the best, when all I could think about was the worst.
I remember like it was yesterday, I handed my 3 year old to a young man that seriously didn’t look over the age of 12. The volunteers put her on the board, and without a second thought she was off, in the middle of the ocean, where anything could happen. I couldn’t see her for a long time and I instantly started to panic. I was on the shore line and my child was lost, then it happened. There she was riding in on a wave and the smile on her face, grinning from ear to ear and the laughter that came from her I could hear from what it felt like was a mile away. It was instant tears for me and my sister.
And from that moment on I was done for, I knew hands down without a doubt I had to be apart of this organization. I had to bring this same feeling to all, I knew in my soul this was making a difference for all who think there are limitations. Never let your disability affect your inability, nothing is impossible, everything is achievable, you just have to open your mind and you will be limitless.”