Susan has been volunteering as a surf instructor with us since the earliest days of AccesSurf. To even begin to count the waves she has shared with our participants would overload nearly any calculator. As she mentions in her own words, it was those iconic yellow AccesSurf tents that introduced her to the organization some years back. Even as she battles cancer, Susan still finds the time and strength to come out and give selflessly to others, this certainly makes her an inspiration to us all.


“I joined the AccesSurf team back in 2008. I saw the tents at White Plains, found the website and drove downtown the next month for volunteer training.  I shadowed on my first Day at The Beach, and I was hooked.
It is a privilege to be part of such a unique, amazing organization and our community events. Introducing our younger participants to surfing is such a blast, and who can forget the smiles?”

– Susan






Mahalo Nui Susan for all that you do for us here at AccesSurf Hawaii.