Many of you who attend AccesSurf have seen Eddie at our events overseeing our water safety area, helping one of the participants or showing a new volunteer the ropes. What many of you do not know is what Eddie is doing daily behind the scenes to make AccesSurf possible as our Board President.

Eddie started as a volunteer 8 years ago. He was hooked after his first Day at the Beach. As the years went on he became more involved taking a leadership role overseeing water safety then was honored to take a position on our Board of Directors. Within his first year on the Board he was elected to be President because of his dedication, his thoughtfulness and desire to keep AccesSurf on the right path to providing life changing experiences.

I began as a volunteer in 2007 after the company I work for donated a truck to AccesSurf to use for hauling their equipment. I thought that it would be appropriate if we had some employees that went out to volunteer as well. My first experience was so memorable as I had no idea what to expect but I quickly found myself wanting to go again. I had finally found a way to pay it forward thru my love of surfing and let’s face it, it was only 12 times a year! In the summer of 2013, I was asked to consider a position on the board of directors. I accepted the position and later that same year, I was elected to be President.

Our board has grown quite a bit since those early days and I am constantly amazed by the work that all of the “behind the scenes” people do to keep this organization going. Someone once asked me to describe what AccesSurf means to me in one word. That was an easy choice for me as the word “Love” comes to mind. Whether it’s your 1st time volunteering or your 100th time, you have chosen to share your love with an organization that helps empower people with disabilities. I have never before been a part of an experience like Day at the Beach where both participant and volunteer leave with a positive feeling of Ohana and mutual respect. Is it a day where everyone strives to be the best that they can be and to put someone else’s needs before theirs.

Can you imagine if every day was like a Day at the Beach?’ Eddie Murai, AccesSurf Board President

Thank Eddie for your leadership and for sharing YOUR passion with all of us.
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