Introducing our November Volunteer of the Month: Justin Stanford!

Based solely on how long it took to find pictures of Justin, he is probably the most humble volunteer we have ever had.  Just try to look through our social media sites, I dare you.  But before you go on a wild goose chase, read a little bit about this legend.

  1. My name is Justin Stanford.  I’m originally from Florida. Currently in the Air Force and stationed here with my 2 daughters, Taylor and Olivia. Some of my hobbies are surfing and photography.

  2. I heard about AccesSurf through a really good friend whose son attends the Day at the Beach program and was all into the program ever since.

  3.  AccesSurf means a lot of things to me. Ohana, since the first day everyone has made me feel like I was part of the family.

  4. My favorite memory from AccesSurf has to be from the 2019 Adaptive Surf Championships where I got to meet so many amazing people and get a glimpse of all the hard work it took to put the competition on.

  5. Really looking forward to getting back to trying to figure out how to fit all the stuff back into the van and bread truck and seeing everyone!

VOTM Torii Lynchcandypeter