Congratulations Volunteer Family of the Month: Torii and the Lynch Family!


Last year Torii started managing the lunch tent area.  If you have been to our Day at the Beach event, you know how big of an operation that is.  She’s been able to handle the hangry mobs  like someone way beyond her years!

Let’s hear from Susan about the family’s AccesSurf history:


Tony and I started volunteering after we attended a special Wounded Warrior Project event with AccesSurf, right after we arrived on island 5 ½ years ago. Tony wanted to keep surfing, so I told him we would volunteer. There is no better way to learn than from people who are so passionate about helping others share the ocean.

We brought Tony’s children with us anytime they could join us. Torii gravitated towards the lunch tent as her place to volunteer. She learned and helped Military Mike run lunch until he left. She has stepped up and keeps it going with the support of the lunch crew.

Our favorite part of AccesSurf are the people. The line between volunteer and participant is wonderfully blurred. Tony and Torii are volunteers and also participants. Tony is a disabled veteran and Torii has Turners Syndrome.

I am personally grateful for the love and acceptance of Daffy. She is a therapy duck who touches so many lives in the craziest ways. She is proud of her title as unofficial mascot for AccesSurf.

And during this time, don’t forget to reach out to others. You never know who could use a friend, especially ourselves!

And now from Torii:

  • Tell us a little about your self.

My name is Torii Lynch and I’m from Kailua. I work for Bakerdudes and I like to read and listen to music for fun.

  • How and when did you hear about/start volunteering with AccesSurf?

I started volunteering with AccesSurf when my dad and stepmom brought me to volunteer when I was about 13.

  • What does AccesSurf mean to you?

AccesSurf is a fun and caring community and I have fun volunteering.

  • Favorite memory at AccesSurf?

I don’t have a favorite memory with AccesSurf.

  • Any last words/remarks or anything you want to say to the community?

I hope everyone is staying safe and having fun during this difficult time.

Archie Pokijustin-votm