This month we are proud to announce that our Volunteer of the Month is Melanie Chun. Whether it’s behind the scenes as a member of our Leadership Committee or at nearly each and every event we hold – Melanie is there, going above and beyond. In her own word’s here is Melanie’s story:

I grew up in Kaimuki. After going to school (UW Huskies … Go Dawgs!) and living on the mainland for 30+ years I came back home to take care of my aging father. In an effort to get Dad back to the beach I found AccesSurf. I was never able to get Dad to a DATB, but I got involved. My first Wounded Warrior event was 19 Feb, 2014 at Fort DeRussy, my first White Plains DATB was 1 March, 2014. Now AccesSurf is in my blood. Everyone in the islands should be able to enjoy a Day at the Beach, and it’s an honor to be in the ASH ohana to help make that happen.

What does AccesSurf mean to me? It’s bliss. It’s like Thanksgiving-Christmas-New-Years every month. You will not find smiles any bigger or spirits any higher than those of participants, their families, AND volunteers. We leave each event brimming with aloha and coast on the stoke until the next one.

Even the meetings are charged with energy. There are so many things we want to achieve and so many people putting in time and energy. Behind-the-scenes is where great effort goes into making the beach days possible.”

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