Whether on the water or behind the scenes – Shaina truly goes above and beyond for AccesSurf. As one of our key surf instructors she exudes Aloha, you can just see it on the smiling faces of those participants she shares the waves with. Shaina recently joined our Leadership Committee and has been managing some of our social media and has been rocking it, we’re so grateful for her dedication. In her own words, here’s what AccesSurf means to her:

Dukes 2015 Womens

“I have been volunteering with AccesSurf for a little over a year now. My New Years resolution last year was to be continuously involved with AccesSurf as I had been wanting to volunteer many years prior, but hadn’t had the time.

AccesSurf has been the biggest blessing in my life. At every event, I feel so much of the Aloha spirit that I could never find anywhere else. I continuously look forward to each event; I sometimes wish we could have our Day at the Beach more than once a month! There is a great sense of Ohana at AccesSurf and I feel so fortunate to be accepted by the AccesSurf community.

Participants continually thank us volunteers for what we do, but I always feel like I should be the one thanking them for changing my life. I am ecstatic to be a part of the leadership team and can’t wait to see what the future holds for AccesSurf!”