Well, living on an island – especially with so many friends enlisted in the military, you just have to get used to saying ‘a hui hou’ to those you love. This month, with an especially heavy heart (but still full of love and gratitude) we say farewell to two of our favorite people in the world, Mike and Michelle Freyholtz.

To be quite honest we could write volumes and volumes of everything they do, and have done, for us. Their primary role is running the lunch tent – everything from making a big shopping trip each Friday night before DATB to emergency propane runs and so so much more, these two great humans have gone above and beyond for years.

We love these two so much and wish them well as they move onto their new chapter in life.

So, we are going to turn it over to Michelle, who wrote a little humble something about their time with us:

We are very excited and sad at the same time, knowing that it will be our last time with the AccesSurf crew.  We have been with AccesSurf since oct 2014, when  Military Mike saw the add on craigslist we checked you guys out the following weekend. It was so amazing and heart touching to see so much love and care.

Its been a  blessing to be a part of this organization for this long. We only wish we could stay longer but our time has come to end here in paradise.

Those late Friday night shopping trips and early Saturday mornings were alway a time for Mike and I to spend time together, with our busy lives time alone is always hard to come buy. So we are not sure if we were helping AccesSurf  or they were helping us.

Till we meet again Mahalo.”