This month we are stoked to celebrate our Volunteer of the Month, Tommy Pierucki! Tommy was a pretty instant member of the AccesSurf Ohana – especially since he was introduced to us by two of our favorite people, James Donnelly and RP (Robert Perry). Tommy has been a fantastic presence out on the waves for some time now, but recently he’s been sharing some of his professional expertise with us in helping to promote the upcoming Party Wave fundraiser and other help behind the scenes.

With that, here is Tommy’s experience in his own words!

Fifteen years ago I lived in Chicago and came to Hawaii to visit for the very first time. I caught my first wave and my life changed instantly. From that one wave in Waikiki I knew that surfing would be the focus of my future. Fast forward to 2013 when I finally made the move to Oahu, I started getting in the water whenever I could to start to learn to surf.
After a humbling few years of learning, James Donnelly and Robert Perry invited me out to tandem with some kids with cystic fibrosis. It was my first time tandeming and it was more fun than I imagined sharing the stoke of surfing with someone else. From there James and RP took me to AccesSurf for the first time and the rest is history!
Day at the Beach has been so special to me. The AccesSurfer’s add so much joy to surfing. Sharing the ocean with anyone and everyone is now a great kuleana! I’m very grateful to be a little part of AccesSurf and each Day at the Beach!  “