Each month we get the great pleasure to introduce you all to one of our awesome AccesSurfer’s, but this month is a two for one! Meet our good friends Chris and Anna (pictured above with world champ Carissa Moore). Since coming to their first Day at the Beach, they have been fixtures at nearly each and every event we do – Anna’s smile almost bright as her hair, and Chris embodying stoke and being the master of talking story.

With that, here is their story as shared by Anna:

Chris and I discovered AccesSurf shortly after we arrived on the island in 2014.  Whenever we would speak to people and try to learn about the island, we were always told about AccesSurf and encouraged to check it out.
The first AccesSurf event that we attended was Day At The Beach in October 2016, the 10th anniversary event.  Even though there was quite a large crowd on the beach that day, everyone was extremely warm and welcomed us with open arms.  We were new to the organization, but we felt as if we were returning to visit old friends.  The Spirit of Aloha was on full display that day, and that has never changed.
To us, AccesSurf means freedom.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Since Chris and I have been together, we have always looked for activities that we could both enjoy, but going to the beach was difficult.  Thanks to the great support at AccesSurf, we can now enjoy the beach and the ocean together, and we are hooked.  Day At The Beach is now a must-do on our calendar each month.  Chris and I both had our first experience on a surfboard thanks to AccessSurf, and we can’t wait to see what other experiences and first’s we will have with our new family
Anna and Chris