Well, it is with a heavy heart that we celebrate our Volunteer of the Month Nick Riedlin. While we love Nick and we are so excited to share his story this month – we are losing Nick (and his amazing dad Carl, who was VOTM July of last year) to the Mainland.

Nick has been absolutely amazing. He came to us at first at the strong urging of his dad Carl, but from his first event Nick immediately connected with us and as a volunteer was all in. We’ve leaned on him heavy in his time with us, and he has always said yes and given more than we have asked. For instance – ask him sometime about how he helped to take our broken down equipment vehicle (the bread truck) to get it’s safety check. That one episode alone would be enough to qualify anyone for volunteer of the decade!

So with that, we turn it over to Nick to share his story in his own words.

It was only about a year and half ago that I decided to take a break from school in Pittsburgh and move to Hawaii where my father lived. Even before I arrived, with him being such a dedicated member of the AccesSurf community, he required me to attend once just to see what I thought. Never did I imagine what an important part of my life the AccesSurf community would become. Just showing up that first day I felt like I was being welcomed into their little family, needless to say, I was hooked.

After 16 consecutive Day at the Beach’s, I can’t seem to recall a single dull moment.Every month brings new faces, new laughs, and each and every one is genuinely just a celebration of life. 

This year and half has flown by way to quickly and I am not ready at for this to be my last Day at the Beach. I’m just so thankful that I was able to find this amazing organization and be able to spend every month surrounded by such loving people. Thank you for all the wonderful memories I hope I am able to get back to my AccesSurf family soon.”

No Nick, thank YOU for all the wonderful memories. You will be missed.