To make AccesSurf happen, it takes a LOT of work behind the scenes – from the staff, volunteers, our leadership committee, and our board. So this month, we are proud to celebrate the man behind the curtain – one of the most humble, funny, and dedicated people we know – our Board President, Mr. Andrew Rosen.

Andrew is a doer with a most humble heart, and just flat out makes things happen. Since joining our AccesSurf family Andrew has brought into play his significant personal and professional connections to directly benefit AccesSurf and he does so in a way that is natural and straight from the heart. Any time you here us on Krater 96.3, Hawaiian 105 KINE, Power 104.3, or any of the other Summit Media Stations – that’s Andrew. Andrew also made the two most successful fundraisers in our history happen (the Signature Steakhouse Fundraisers), amongst countless other connections and contributions.

We could go on and on with love and praise, but we’ll turn it over to Andrew to share his AccesSurf story in his own words:

This is such a honor to be recognized by the people whom I respect and value so much.  When I moved back to O’ahu I joined Special Olympics Central O’ahu adult team to be a partner for softball.  At one of the first practices a gentlemen, Ryan, was mobbed by our team.  No he wasn’t assaulted, although you could say assaulted with love.  I asked him why he left Special Olympics and he told me he began working for AccesSurf.   He explained the organizations mission and I told him we could do Public Service Announcements for AccesSurf.

Ryan, our wonderful Executive Director Cara Short, and Juice “GSD” Aguirre came by my office.  After learning more I asked if they wanted to cut the PSA now and Juice went to the studio and produced our first of many PSA’s.

Well, next thing you know, I would attend Day at the Beach and was blown away by the positive energy of the event.  The volunteers are amazing and so well organized and our participants, which is what this is all about, were empowered and enjoying the experience of surfing and swimming.  When Cara and then President and now Chairperson, Eddie Murai, asked me to serve on the board I was so excited to be member of this tremendous organization.

During the nearly three years of affiliation with AccesSurf on the board, I am blown away by the commitment of our volunteers and board members to ensure we grow this organization to expand the number of people we serve.  Everyone contributes from our volunteers at the beach, our leadership committee and the board.  Best is we share a common mission to ensure that we provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our participants.  Our board is collaborative and the decisions we make are based on the “right thing to do” not politics.

There are many people much more deserving than I to be recognized, but Cara said if I refused she would make me surf. Keep in mind I was born and raised in NYC and can barely swim.  That said, I am committed to doing my small part to expand the “Ocean of Possibilities” volunteering with AccesSurf.  They are truly great people whom I am blessed to serve with.


Thank you Andrew – WE LOVE YOU!