Roger has been a passionate volunteer with AccesSurf for the past 5 years. His enthusiasm and willingness to do what ever he can to create a positive experience for our participants has made him quite a favorite on the beach!

Here is what he has say to say about AccesSurf:

‘Just over 5 years ago my good friend Sergio Florian asked me help give some surfing lessons. I just thought no big deal I don’t have anything planned for the day, let’s go ! We got to the beach and there it was ! This thing called “AccesSurf” !  I grabbed a board, paddled out with someone and I was hooked !  I was introduced to Mark Marble, Buttons, Chris and the AccesSurf Crew !  I have met so many amazing volunteers and even more amazing participants !

All of us involved with AccesSurf know what keeps us coming back: It’s  that big smile from that new friend on your board and the old saying “one more” as you paddle back out and catch 3 or 4 more. Ha !

Thanks AccesSurf for giving me something that I didn’t even know I was looking for but so happy to have found !
Surfs Up !
See you at the Beach !

Uncle Rog’
Thank you Roger for being an inspiration to so many of us and helping new volunteers feel the stoke!

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