There are few people in the world who can light up a room,  or a whole beach, with just a smile like how Bennett can. His smile and energy are full of pure love and joy. Anyone who gets to surf Bennett is so stoked to get a chance to ride some waves with him.


Ten years ago at Bennett’s first time at DATB Leah Johnson greeted him with a big hug and spent a long time prepping the board and putting Bennett at ease.  Bennett fell in love with Leah and has never stopped loving her all these years. Buttons Kaluhiokalani took Bennett on his first wild ride.  Since then you can count on one hand the times Bennett has missed DATB. Two things in life we know to be true:  Disneyland is the happiest place on earth and the people of AccesSurf are the nicest people in the world.  Bennett will be going to Disneyland in the spring but he will plan his vacation so as not to miss DATB.

Katie Yoshioka, Bennett’s Mom