In 2014, inspired by our work here in Hawaii – a dedicated group of volunteers came together with the mission of sharing the healing power of the ocean with those with disabilities in Japan. They have since built a vibrant community of volunteers and participants who come together a few times a year to enjoy the ocean together.

So, for this year’s One Ocean event we invited our friends from Okinawa to join us here in Hawaii, linking our two islands and organizations together as one.

It was so much fun getting to share the waves with the AccesSurf Okinawa crew. Our biggest thank you Taishi and everyone else from Okinawa for making this such a special event.

I got to ride the waves five times. I am grateful to Mari, who helped me get into the sea. I had a great time. I will never forget it…. I want to surf in Hawaii again. Thank you to AccesSurf Hawaii and AccesSurf Okinawa.

– Sayuka, Participant




I’ve felt hearts of volunteers and participants who love the sea and want to have fun! People in Hawaii are warm hearted, and spending time with them became my treasure… I want to come back to Hawaii again!

-Yayoi, Volunteer