Each month we share with you the story of one of our participants, and this month we are happy to introduce you to Kara and her mom Julie.

Kara is 8 and has cerebral palsy. This impacts her ability to move independently. She has been surfing with AccesSurf for 2 years. When Kara was asked what she loves about AccesSurf she says, “Thank you for taking me surfing, I love it.” Her favorite thing about surfing she says, “I love being on the water and catching big waves.” and she says, “I like to wipe out too because it is so much fun.” She says, “Uncle Josh caught some super long waves and it was super exciting”  and “Uncle Bruce took me out on my 8th Birthday and he made sure that we caught 8 waves.”

We can’t imagine life without it!

AccesSurf has become a part of our monthly routine. We look forward to going to “Day at the Beach” every month, rain or shine. We are so incredibly thankful for this opportunity for Kara to go out surfing. Kara has always loved the water. When she was a baby she would find so much joy being in the pool. She has never had any fear of the water. After moving to Hawaii we discovered AccesSurf and we have been hooked ever since Kara first went surfing in 2015.  We love the supportive Ohana where EVERYONE is included. We also love sharing this experience with so many friends that we invite to come spend the day at the beach with us. The best part is just seeing all the smiles. There are not very many adaptive recreational activities available for people with disabilities so this is very special to us. It brings us so much happiness and joy participating in such a caring organization.”