Chances are, if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kamerin (with a K!) he’s never forgotten where and when you were born, or what major weather event happened around the time of your birth. Aside from being amazing with names, dates, and places – Kamerin is quite the Casanova. When he’s not out surfing or swimming, he can usually be found surrounded by wahine chatting it up. Kamerin’s mom, and biggest fan, Kiersten shares Kamerin’s awesome story with us below:


“In late 2014, a friend told us about AccesSurf. After doing a little online research, & convincing Kamerin to try it out ‘just once,’ we had our first Day at the Beach with their amazing crew. Kamerin, who lives with Autism, was welcomed with huge smiles, excited volunteers, & was treated like a rock star! He so easily became hooked. His self-esteem has soared, and seeing his proud smile beaming brighter than the sun that first Saturday each month has been the highlight of the last year and a half. He loves to introduce himself to each new person he sees (focusing, of course, on the ladies). Besides being able to recall when each volunteer’s birthdays are & where they originally came from, he also counts down the days till the next ‘DatB’ event… from the minute we leave the last event! I could have gone on & wrote an entire essay, describing all of the wonderfulness that has come to his life through AccesSurf! There’s no way I could ever pay back all of the gratitude that we have towards this organization. Thank you is never going to be enough, so I’ll end here with… We love you all!”