Say Aloha to Diane Whitcomb, whom we’re pretty sure must have gills, she spends that much time in the water! Diane is a fixture at nearly every AccesSurf event, in the water from start to finish. On top of that she is a member of the Hawaii Adaptive Surf Team, has competed at several HSA events, Duke’s OceanFest, and of course the ISA Adaptive World Championships. Here is Diane, in her own words:

I first met Rich Julian when I paddled outrigger canoe with Pure Light.  He invited everyone on the team to come to AccesSurf Day at the Beach.  I think it was December 2013.   I surfed tandem but I really wanted to try the wave ski so the second time I came to DATB I surfed on a wave ski by myself and I fell in love with it.   In August 2014 Cara encouraged me to compete in the Dukes Fest.  I can still remember feeling terrified as I drove to Waikiki for the competition.  I had only surfed about 4 or 5 times.  I came in second. Alana Nichols came in first.  Not too shabby!!  When AccesSurf formed the Surf team they invited me to try out.  Why not, what a great opportunity… and attending the first ISA International Adaptive Surf Meet in La Jolla, California was the thrill of a life time.  The ocean is so healing and when I am out there I feel pure joy.  But I couldn’t do it without all the help and support from the AccesSurf volunteers and my teammates who have now become dear friends.  This is a new adventure, a new chapter in my life and I am so grateful.  Thank you all so much.