An active outdoorsman prior to his injury Jon's athleticism and can do attitude made him stand out right from the beginning at his first AccesSurf event. We have yet to see him without a smile on his face or a willingness to learn more about surfing and ocean sports. His kindness and positive attitude is contagious and radiates across the entire beach.

1. Tell us a little about yourself

I was born & raised in New Mexico, spent 20 years with Intel corporation in education technology research.  My wife & I moved to Oahu in July of 2018 & at the end of September and I learned first hand exactly what “Dangerous Shorebreak” means, experiencing a C2-C3 incomplete spinal cord injury. I love anything outdoors & am learning how to take advantage of this amazing island in my new normal.
2. How did you get started with Accessurf.
I returned from Craig Rehabilitation Hospital in Jan of 2019 where I learned about AccessSurf. I was on the water with a buddy by the first opportunity in March.
3. What does AccesSurf mean to you?

As someone who grew up in water sports, swimming, lifeguarding, surfing, scuba diving etc. it was important for me to learn to trust myself in the ocean again. AccessSurf was my first dip in the ocean after my injury. The volunteers helped regain my confidence & the Ohana I found with AccessSurf keeps me coming back.

4. Favorite AccesSurf memory?
I was a no talent beginner surfer but I loved the sport & admired the athleticism of the skilled surfers. My first buddy was Bo & when I learned about his surf knowledge I asked him everything I could think about while on the waves with the tandem wave ski. I appreciated how he let me know that I had 100% of his attention while we were catching waves.
5. Any last words/remarks or anything you want to say to the community?
Thank you all for welcoming me into the AccessSurf Ohana. To the volunteers, thank you for your kokua. To the staff, mahalo for sharing your aloha with us. For the sponsors, please know for those of us who may no longer be able surf on our own we share our little victories with you.
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