Harrison has been an incredible asset to our Hawai’i Adaptive Surf Team. His love for the sport shines through his smile and personality, and he truly shares the stoke.
Lets hear it from the man himself:
Tell us a little about yourself:
Hi, My name is Harrison Doi, I am from the island of Oahu, and I grew up in Kaimuki/Kapahulu. I LOVE to Skate, Surf, Snowboard, and just overall love to partake in any activities that involve a board underneath my feet. I also love to eat, travel, and have been blessed to have seen a good majority of the world.
How did you hear about Access Surf?
Literally Gina, a mom of one of the AccesSurf team riders, ran up to me in the parking lot at Kaiser Bowls and asked if I surfed and If I’d like to join the access surf surf team. And That was that, I was in! LOL
What does AccesSurf Mean to you?
To me AccesSurf means opportunity, and not just for me , but for everyone involved. I don’t think most people realize it, but everyday you wake up in the morning, stand up and walk out the door, you’re blessed beyond belief, because you have the opportunity to go change your life. Some people need just a little bit more help with that, so for a group of these beautiful people to get together and give people a helping hand at going out, learning something new, challenging themselves, and overall to adding some fun and adventure to peoples lives. It’s just a really beautiful sight to see.  So yea, AccesSurf to me is opportunity, and opportunity is hope for the future, which I think is something everyone needs in their life!
Favorite AccesSurf Memory?
I think I was at my girlfriends house and I had thought my heat for the Access Surf Hawaii Invitational was around 2pm so I slept in, and my girlfriend was trying to wake me up, and she said “hey do you have a competition today”, I mumbled “Yea around 2, let me go back to bed”, Then she said, well this text message says “hey where are you? your heat starts in 15mins!”. Woke up tripped like 4 x trying to get my board shorts on, hit a 100 booking it to waiks, and had to get jet skied out set. whole heat felt like a daze, thought I lost, got to shore and Coach Chris was standing there on shore, going “you WON”. LOL, super hectic, exciting, with a happy ending, good times!!!
Any last words to say to the AccesSurf ‘ohana?
I’d just like to thank everyone for the opportunity to be a part of this group. Love waking up knowing that I have the chance to work, travel, and compete with such a great group of people. You guys add fun and excitement to my life, and for that I am forever grateful. Mahalo to everyone!!!