Where do we begin with our friend Carter Parry…

Carter been an inspiration to say the least. He came into our AccesSurf ‘ohana with nothing but his wit, smiles and laughter. His positive energy is contagious and his ambition is one we could only wish for. Just at this Day at the Beach, he biked all the way from town to White Plains Beach! Granted he may or may not have missed the entire event, but he still managed to roll in with a smile and killer attitude. His story is one you can’t miss. Check out his Vlog on YouTube to go through his journey with him.

Let's hear from Carter himself:

1. Tell us a little about yourself ( Simple intro, name where you’re from, what you like to do)

My name is Carter Parry and I was a surfer for 5 years before I lost my right lung, leg and toes to the flu in 2020. I live in Honolulu and love surfing, biking and challenging myself to push past limits that others deem impossible. Defying the odds has been my core goal after being given a 1% chance to live. I was on 3L of oxygen when I returned home, so paddling out was pretty scary. Through daily training I no longer required oxygen and am working on my breath holds for longer hold downs!

2. How and when you heard about /started with Accessurf.

5 months into the ICU after losing my leg, I started researching ways to get back into the water when I could begin my recovery. Access surf was the first result of my search and I sent an email right away. Russ reached out to me and put the idea in my head to start training even in my ICU bed!

3. What does AccesSurf mean to you?

AccesSurf means opportunity and friendship. I’ve met so many likeminded people through this fantastic organization and I’ve gained a better sense of community. AccesSurf provided the framework that let me know I could not only surf again, but even get competitive with it!

4. Favorite AccesSurf memory:

One of my favorite memory with AccesSurf was when I brought my best friend Walker as a volunteer to the 50th anniversary. The sun was shining and the laughs were frequent. He told me afterwards that he’s never seen such a helpful and happy group, and the reactions of some of the participants getting out in the water really tugged at his heart.

5. Anything you want to say to the AccesSurf ‘Ohana or let them know?

I created my vlog on YouTube to help inspire those that go through medical trauma and show them that athletic goals are still possible. You need to try and achieve them even if everyone else thinks your crazy!


Beyond that I’d just like to say thank you to all the volunteers and employees that make this organization possible. AccesSurf can really open a lot of doors for those like myself that have trouble getting into the water and need a helping hand.