If you have ever been to any AccesSurf event you have met Buster!

Yes, we have featured Buster in the past but with our interactive fundraiser the May Move Challenge under way we thought he would be the perfect AccesSurfer to connect with this month.

Buster is a dedicated athlete who is passionate to share his exercise and motivation as a health coach.

Let’s check in and see what Buster has been up to lately…


How are you ‘moving’ in May?

I’m doing a 30 day push-ups challenge with the Hawaii Adaptive Surf Team, and doing a daily workout program from my business. I also try to get outside and push around the block in my wheelchair for my cardio and endurance.

What has been your favorite recipe / snack during the stay home orders?

Shakeology / Mac n Cheese. I love Mac n Cheese! I don’t cook, so I like the quick and easy things.

Tell us something you’ve learned this month.

I’ve learned to be more patient and to take things day by day. We’ll get through this craziness, and we will surf again soon!

Tell us more about what you have been doing.

Along with moving and working out, I’ve actually started watching Supernatural. It’s a series on Netflix. It’s pretty good. It’s also something new, because I’ve rarely watched tv in the past. Gives me something to do while staying home.

Buster, AccesSurfer

Josh Bogle