Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Brett Ernst and I am from a town in Southern California. I work at a company that contracts out to the military for janitorial work. I like to watch movies and read books from my favorite author Clive Cussler.

How/When did you first attend an AccesSurf event?

I started attending a few years ago and heard about AccesSurf from a friend who told me about an awesome group that offers assistance to people with disabilities to learn to surf and swim in the great ocean.

What does AccesSurf mean to you?

The term AccesSurf means to have a fun time in what we learn and hand the knowledge in what we learn from others, and hand it to the person next in line to learn all you can absorb.

What is your favorite memory at AccesSurf?

That time I surfed when the weather was not as good and I was surfing with a new surf instructor and it was difficult.  I learned to have the power to shake it off and try again. In other words, even though you cannot win them all you still have the opportunity to make things right so they don’t seem as bad the next time the situation arrives.

Anything you’d like to say to the AccesSurf ‘Ohana?

There is so much I like to thank the community for the space and time that they give us for the duration of our stay to be the most pleasant experience of the day to everyone who participates in the event.

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