AccesSurf has a lot of moving parts and there are a few people that stand out who diligently make sure all the pieces are in the right places.

This month’s Volunteer of the Month, Tanner Sunman, is one of those people!
Tanner  and his trusty side kick Cody are at every DATB as the muscle for set up and tear down AND on the water pushing and in the swim area all day. PLUS they share their passion with our community at our swim clinics. Tanner has meant a lot to us over the years and we are bracing for his departure from the island this summer. Thank you Tanner for all that you do for us!

Let’s hear from Tanner ….

I was told about AccesSurf from co-workers when I got to Hawaii in May of 2017.  I was immediately impressed with the organization and its mission to help those with disabilities enjoy the beach and water activities. I started out with the red shirt of water safety, but then I met Jeff Hepfer who asked if I would be interested with Assisted Swim. After a quick explanation of that from him I immediately said yes, which also led me to volunteer for the AccesSurf Swim Clinics. I have enjoyed meeting all the great volunteers and participants with AccesSurf,  hopefully when life gets back to normal after this pandemic we can all see each other again. However I know when it comes time for me to leave Hawaii that AcceSurf will continue to be successful. Finally, to correct Cody Berg I’m not just stronger than him, but I’m also better looking and taller as well.  Tanner, AccesSurf Volunteer