You all hear us talk about the ‘behind the scenes’…well the ‘behind the scenes’ is our foundation for our programs and there are many volunteers working hard all year long building that foundation.

Our Volunteer of the Month Cece (aka Andrew Cece) has been helping at our DATB and WWDATB programs for quite some time and now is a very big part of our behind the scenes. He and the family at Aligned Mortgage have taken their support for AccesSurf to the next level!


After retiring from the Marine Corps, I just wanted to surf every day. There’s something about the ocean that heals the mind, body and soul. A few years ago, after finishing up a Saturday morning dawn patrol at White Plains, I noticed some commotion happening on the beach. After talking to some of the people and finding out what AccesSurf was all about I was eager to volunteer and help serve in some way. Having a big family (5 kids) and a busy schedule there’s always a lot going on but I’ve made it my own personal commitment to get more people involved with supporting the AccesSurf ‘Day at the Beach’ and the ‘Wounded Warrior DATB’ programs. To be able to see the look on the participant’s faces when they catch a wave is something that just can not be described in words. It’s amazing…  I believe God has blessed me with this opportunity to give back to our community and it truly is so much better to give than to receive. Thank you AccesSurf for all that you do. – Cece, AccesSurf volunteer