With all the moving pieces at a Day at the Beach there are some pivotal roles that set the stage for the whole day and check in is stop number one for that! Here is a face that will be familiar to almost all of our volunteers…Harold! When Harold started at check in he took it to the next level getting us organized and VERY thorough:)

Thank you Harold for being the friendly face who welcomes our volunteers…


Let’s hear from Harold …


I knew about AccesSurf quite some time ago.  I live across the street from Richard Julian‘s family and I remember seeing and hearing about AccesSurf when I was still flying at Hawaiian Air.
After retiring, I reconnected with Eddie Murai – Eddie was a student at Roosevelt High School when I was a teacher there (my first career).  Anyway, he told me all about AccesSurf and it re-energized me.
The bottom line is the ocean and surfing has always been an important part of my life and I can’t think of a better way to give back, then to help give everyone a chance to experience what I hold so dearly.
I used to enjoy being a more active volunteer in the “water safety” area; but since my many surgeries didn’t heal the way I expected it to, I’m glad I can still help in the “check in” area.  I hope one day I can again get in the water and more actively assist the participants.
Again, Mahalo for allowing me to help with AccesSurf.  Harold, AccesSurf Volunteer
Angie Atkins