This Month we are recognizing Angie Atkins as our VOTM! This recognition is long overdue as Angie is an absolute rockstar in our community.
You may know her from our Day at the Beach programs as Surf Scheduler Extraordinaire (one of the toughest jobs)! Her organization skills exceed in scheduling a safe amount of surfers in the water at a time all while keeping our participants on schedule. She always ensures our participants are not only well matched to their surf instructors but also sets up everyone for success and fun in the water. Most importantly, Angie’s kind and warming aura creates the best environment for both participants and volunteers alike.
Read more about Angie here:
1. Tell us a little about yourself
Aloha! I’m Angie and I’m from Connecticut originally. I moved out to the islands in 2010 and am a teacher, online wellness coach and absolutely love being out in nature – surfing, hiking or hanging at the beach.
2. How & when you heard about / Started with Accessurf
It’s actually a funny story how I got started with AccesSurf – back in 2011 I was in Waikiki and AccesSurf was at an event, under a Croc tent. When I learned about the mission of the program, I instantly fell in love. I was committed to attending DATB even though I lived in town and didn’t have a car. For my first DATB, I woke up early, took the bus out to Kapolei, managed to get a ride with a State worker to the beach and made friends with other volunteers who drove me home. This was just one of the many examples of how welcoming and amazing this community was right from the start.
3. What does AccesSurf mean to you
Since I am not from here, AccesSurf has truly become like family. This community is made up of the most accepting, supportive, humble and loving humans – I am so thankful to be part of it.
4. Favorite memory at AccesSurf
One of my favorite memories would have to be the times when students of mine were participants or volunteers and we got to share the stoke of the ocean together – it’s a total full circle moment. And although I am uncomfortable with this acknowledgment, I am extremely humbled and truly feel that I always get so much more than I could ever possibly give. I am so so grateful to be part of this incredible community.
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