Tony and Susan have been a power couple  and a strong force in our community! Susan works so well with all of our volunteers and Tony could (and has) push every single person into their waves at an event.
Lets hear from Tony and Susan:
 Tell us a little about yourselves:
 Susan – I’m an Air Force brat and got to grow up in Germany. I love traveling, and running my duck rescue. I’m a member of the Pali Lions and Cheer Honolulu.
My name’s Tony. Originally from Colorado, but traveled all over the world because of the Marine Corps. 4 kids, 2 grandkids, 100% disabled Marine. I’ve been living here with Susan for 7 years. I like to surf, I’m a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, I love to watch movies and hang out.
How and when did you start with Accessurf?
 We first heard about AccesSurf 7 years ago when we attended a private Wounded Warrior Project event with AccesSurf. We had just moved to Oahu and Tony wanted to learn to surf.
What does AccesSurf mean to you?
Susan: AccesSurf for me is about connection. My mother was a quadriplegic, and I know how much she missed simply going to the beach. Being a part of this organization is a connection to my mother. I don’t volunteer to just help others, I volunteer to be with my friends and my Ohana! The strength, energy and kindness that we all share is simply the best.
Tony: AccesSurf gives me a sense of purpose. To help other people with disabilities get in the water, and share how it helped me.
4. Favorite AccesSurf memory:
Susan: My favorite part of AccesSurf is Daffy! I am grateful beyond words for the love and acceptance of my amazing duck! She has brought so much happiness to our volunteers and participants. And in turn, she was taught how to surf. Being able to share her with the AccesSurf Ohana is humbling.
Tony: My favorite memory is when we helped at the AccesSurf adaptive surf comp, and then I competed in the Wounded Warrior division. There were just 4 of us in the water hanging out. Realizing there are other people like you who like to surf and just be in the water.
Anything you want to say to our AccesSurf ‘ohana?
Susan: I am so grateful for the friends here in Hawaii and around the world that I have made because of the environment of love and kindness that AccesSurf has created. I’m looking forward to all of the adventures to come!
Tony: Because of our volunteering, it got my kids excited about volunteering and gave them an awareness of community. It also got me involved in another organization called One More Wave, that helps veterans with disabilities get in the water and surf.