Matt is one of our main surf instructors who has an incredible way with the participants to always make them feel safe and to deeply enjoy their experience with the ocean.  Let’s hear a little bit about Matt and why he volunteers with AccesSurf.    ‘I grew up in the small surf town of Reno , NV. I have with accessurf for about three years.  Accessurf has been magical since day 1. The first time I volunteered I arrived before the trucks and equipment. I decided to lay on the beach for awhile. When I woke up, everything had been set up and accessurf was in full swing. Magic!! I volunteer with accessurf because I crave inspiration. I am continuously amazed by the strength, courage and determination of the participants.  I also enjoy watching the volunteers adapt to any situation to ensure everyone enjoys their day at the beach. I’m extremely thankful for the friendships I have made at accessurf. When you volunteer, you are surrounded by people who have their hearts in the right place. Hope to see all of you on the beach, or in the water. But if you really want to find me, check by the BBQ.’