Humble, sweet, hardworking, dedicated, organized, always smiling…. We could go on and on singing Lynette’s praises. Since the moment she attended her first event just last year she left an indelible impression upon us. Within a few short months Lynette was our key leader at the Equipment tent, where she right away began putting in place amazing new systems and ideas to keep everything in order. Pretty sure we haven’t lost a single rashguard since!  She really stepped up and went above and beyond during our annual Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships in late August, taking the week off of work so she could come down every day to help out. Just amazing, and we are so grateful! With that, here is Lynette’s experience with us at AccesSurf in her own words…

What a difference a year makes!  My first Accessurf experience was in August 2016 when I came to the annual Kualoa Day at the Beach with my friend Mark Matheson.  He introduced me to Cara, Candy, and a few other folks.  I was in awe at the joy and happiness that radiated out of folks…participants and volunteers alike.  I started volunteering a couple months later and haven’t stopped because I’m totally addicted to the heartfelt joy that I feel when I’m in the thick of any Accessurf event.  Not only that, but being near, and in the water is so healing.  Ocean therapy is free and fantastic!  Speaking of the water, folks often approach me in the equipment tent and playfully rib me saying, “When are you getting in the water?”  My watersport is stand up paddling, for distance and downwinding, but I’ve been venturing into surfing, albeit very slowly.  Thanks for your patience Buster!  Jason Rose’s awesome photography skills have captured me on the water a couple times.  A “Lynette sighting” on the water at DATB may be rare, but there is no doubt that I LOVE being at any Accessurf event, so those sightings are immensely frequent.  Thank you Accessurf and Mark, from the bottom of my heart!  I’ve made new friends, experienced new water activities, and leave each event with a heart overflowing with joy and happiness!

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