Like a fish to water, that has been Zach’s path to surfing success. Though an avid adventurer, athlete, and world traveler – it’s still only relatively recently that Zach has discovered surfing. However, in that short amount of time he has been surfing, he has risen to the top – even competing on the Hawaii Adaptive Surf Team at the World Championships of Adaptive Surfing in California. Zach’s confidence and strength, in and out of the water, are inspiring to say the least. In his own words here is what surfing, the ocean, and AccesSurf mean to Zach:

I have found a new passion in my life that I have never been so thrilled about with anything before.  I’ve played a lot of sports at high Olympic levels and have traveled the world doing them, but meeting Cara and AccesSurf has opened my eyes to see the world and the ocean in a way that has driven me to want everyone to experience what I have now found… Surfing.

What the ocean does to the mind is indescribable. Probably  because of the fact that it is the only time you do not need that other half of you that you are with all hours of the day, weeks, years, decades; and that is your wheelchair. In the water, everyone is the same and there is enough ocean out there for everyone to enjoy it equally. AccesSurf goes above and beyond to let that be known to world.

It had been 18 years since I’d been back in the waters of Hawaii and I wish for nobody to wait that long to enjoy the healing waters of the ocean.”