Meet Trevor!

Trevor Howard has been a solid volunteer with us for years at DATB and this year with our Craig Rehab Hospital Surf Camp. What many people don’t know, is that he is also a huge supporter of ours behind-the-scenes. Trevor has been donating time and expertise to help us increase our impact through our email and social media marketing. We are so grateful for his guidance and generosity.
This amazing community leader is also making waves with his Indy Club, a foundation that gives back to people who have been affected by spinal cord injuries. With the support and sponsorship of Indy Club, adapted athletes are able to travel to competitions they otherwise would not have been able to attend.
Trevor, we are so grateful for your support and dedication to our community! Thank you!
Here are a few words from Trevor himself:

Hello, my name is Trevor Howard. I am from Long Island, NY, and have lived on the East Side of O’ahu for 5 years. I enjoy surfing, hunting, working out, playing with my dog, and going to the beach. Some of my favorite days living in Hawai’i have been at AccesSurf events.

How and when you heard about /started with AccesSurf.

I heard about AccesSurf about 3 years ago, right before the pandemic. I was looking for an opportunity to volunteer in my free time and came across AccesSurf. I went to my first ‘Day at The Beach’ event, and unfortunately, everything shut down right after due to the pandemic. Once things started to open back up, one of the things I was excited about most was joining ‘Day at the Beach’ again.

Favorite AccesSurf memory:

One of my favorite days with AccesSurf was at a smaller event that was put on for patients who went to Craig Hospital. Having suffered a spinal injury myself and knowing others who have done their rehab at Craig Hospital, it was an honor to help out that day. It was inspiring to see people affected by spinal injuries excited to get back into the water. One of the participants actually broke his neck surfing in Waikiki a few years before, and now he was charging again! What a legend! Words cannot explain the feeling you get when you see how the ocean can heal people and put smiles on their faces.

I am humbled after every event I attend and am grateful that I can help out such a fantastic group of people. The world could learn a lot from AccesSurf… It is one of the best communities out there.

Anything you want to say or share with our AccesSurf ‘ohana?

Inspired by AccesSurf, I have started a foundation that gives back to people who have been affected by spinal cord injuries. If you or a loved one have recently been affected by an SCI please check out our website or reach out to me directly at 

Thank you AccesSurf for everything! You all rule!