We’re so excited this month to introduce you our dear friend, Sheri. Soft spoken on land, Sheri shreds out on the water (aside from surfing she is a distance prone paddler and a great swimmer). Being able to surf was a dream of hers when she was a kid, as you will hear in her story below. So, what an amazing thing that we get to be a part of helping that dream come true each and every month.

So with that, here is Sheri’s story:

As a kid I dreamed of  being a surfer but living in inland Connecticut, that didn’t happen. My brother surfed and he taught me in the living room but skateboarding was the closest I got.
Five years ago when I started telling people I was moving to Hawaii, one of my physical therapists told me about AccesSurf. She had participated when she was still in college. So that was the first thing I wanted to do when I got here.
My first day in the water was amazing. The waves were big and clean and I tandem surfed with a huge grin on my face the whole time.
Since then I’ve tried solo prone surfing, wave skiing and prone paddleboarding.
Through AccesSurf I was introduced to prone paddleboarding (Mark Matheson) and fell in love with it. Mark introduced me to his crew, and I’ve been paddling with his crew for a few years now.
I feel a lot healthier when I get out on the water. The aches and pain go away and it’s just a peaceful glide through the water. Yeah it’s work but it’s a fun workout.
Everyone is so friendly that helps out on the beach. They always have a big hug and smile. It was an instant family for someone who moved to this island knowing one person.