We could go on and on with wonderful stories about our friends Penny and Liz. This dynamic duo started volunteering as part of the set up crew. They were the early birds we could count on to help with set up before they headed off to their canoe practices!  We got to know them more through the Na Koa Wounded Warrior Canoe Regatta and had always dreamed about doing a canoe program together.
In 2019, Hawaii Adaptive Paddling Association reached out to AccesSurf and we all joined forces with the wonderful crew at the Honolulu Pearl Canoe club.
Penny and Liz continuously give their heart and soul at each canoe day we do together and we look forward to being able to be back together on the water soon.
We’d also wish Liz a very Happy Birthday!!! We hope you take all of April to celebrate your birthday month!

1. Tell us a little about yourselves:

Penny Kalua: Honolulu; Retired from the State of Hawai’i and the U.S. Army
Reserves; being with ‘Ohana and Volunteering & Delivering Essential Bags to
those in need.

Elizabeth “Liz” Sabog: Waipahu; Currently works for the Federal Government and
still serving in the Hawai’i Air National Guard; Volunteering but mostly being
“Voluntold” she says, lol.

2. How and when did you hear about and started with AccesSurf.

We both heard about AccesSurf at one of our Na Koa Wounded Warrior Canoe
Regatta meetings many years ago when we met Mark Marble, one of the
founders of AccesSurf. Mark told us they had AccesSurf events at White Plains
Beach, so, if we could, Liz and I would hurry down to help offload the surfboards
and equipment from the big van before rushing off to either paddling practice or
other events.

3. What does AccesSurf mean to you?

Words would not do any justice for this fabulous program, all you have to see are
the faces of the participants, their ‘Ohana, Caregivers, and the Volunteers; their
smiles, the laughters, their waves and shakas, and the sparkles in their eyes as it
reflects of the ocean waters, are such powerful statements of: Acceptance,
Community, Care, Empowerment, Support, Safety, Unity, Respect, and Fun.

4. Favorite AccesSurf memory:

Penny: Every AccesSurf memory is my favorite. To know how it started and
where it has evolved to is inspirational. Another memory is constantly bugging
Cara for years, saying, “So, when are we having AccessPaddling?”
Liz: When AccesSurf’s Grant Writer Simone brought her daughter Sophia to ride in one of our canoes.
It was sincerely moving.

5. Anything else you want to say to our community?

Although we try to be very low-key people, being a part of a great Team has been
the reasons to fulfilling the who, what, when, where, why, and hows of doing
what we do for our community. Whether it is small or big, the success of any
event we are involved with has a lot to do with the Volunteers- the “behind-the-
scene” workabees which we are truly grateful and humbled by their generous
caring hearts.