Each month we try to share with all of you the story of one of our AccesSurfer’s, and this month we are stoked to introduce every one to one of our coolest surfer dudes – Kayle! Here is Kayle’s mom Melissa sharing their AccesSurf Story:

We came across AccesSurf several years ago from a friend. The first time we brought our son Kayle surfing he was not thrilled by the idea. I was extremely nervous to let him go out into the waves with a complete stranger.

Our son was born with an extremely rare genetic condition, chromosome 17 deletion/duplication plus Carney Complex, which involves apx 30 diagnosis. Kayle is unable to carry conversations,  my fear was the surf instructor wouldn’t understand his “language or ASL”. The ocean heals us & the only word they needed to understand, once he became comfortable on the board was, more.

Now he’ll ride the waves until the instructor brings him in. This organization has changed his life & shown him a great love for the ocean. We are forever grateful for all the wonderful volunteers & the amazing commitment of the AccesSurf team. They are forever part of our Ohana. “