Tell us a little about yourself 

Aloha! My name is Jerry Prinzo. I’ve been on Oahu a little over a year now.

I live in Ewa Beach. If I’m not working at The Home Depot I’m at the beach and in the ocean somewhere on this beautiful island.

How and when you hear about or start with Accessurf?

I first saw Accessurf at White Plains Beach. The first event I volunteered at was last July in Haleiwa. By the end of the day my face hurt from smiling so much, and I knew I had found my Tribe.

What does AccesSurf mean to you? 

Freedom and Healing. This has been my experience being able to enjoy the ocean most all of my life and my hope for our participants is that they get to experience the same.


What is your favorite AccesSurf memory? 

My first time meeting up with Kameron, my Accessurf Buddy. He is such a pleasure to talk to, and He is really smart.


Anything you want to say to our AccesSurf ‘ohana? 

If you have never been to an Accessurf event please come and join us soon. Your life will never be the same.