Clinton started coming to Wounded Warrior Day at the Beach when we were navigating our way back into running programs after covid put a halt to everything. His patience and kindness with us was a breath of fresh air and we looked forward to seeing him every month. A core moment for us is when he brought his beautiful daughter Lilli to come surf with us. They were both incredible!

Now, Clinton is a crucial volunteer at our programs as a pusher. An often overlooked place to volunteer, the pushers help guide our participants into waves. Not only does he help to push people into waves, but is able to truly connect with our Wounded Warriors as he relates and connects with them on a deeper level. We LOVE to see full circle transitions in our community, seeing participants turn into volunteers.

Hear more from Clinton himself:

Tell us a little about yourself.

Clinton Brewer, Grew up all throughout the East Bay Area playing soccer, BMX, skim boarding and boogie boarding around Santa Cruz. Spent 21 yrs in Army with multiple combat deployments. Now I’m living here with my amazing and beautiful daughter Lilli.

How and when did you hear about or start with Accessurf?

Heard about AccessSurf via Wounded Warrior Project and signed up as a participant in nov and dec of 2021, the following month I started volunteering as a pusher for every warrior day at the beach, also as water safety during the Hawai’i Adaptive Surfing Championship last year.

What does AccesSurf mean to you?

AccessSurf has become a huge part of my healing process and no matter how isolated or lonely I might feel, I can always look forward to knowing I have this group of people to look forward to every month at a minimum, it’s a huge safety net for me that also gives me a sense of purpose by volunteering here.

What is your favorite AccesSurf memory?

My favorite memory so far was the smiles and feeling of being welcomed on my very first day by Shaina, Russ , Dan and Justin. They all made me feel calm and welcomed.

Anything you want to share with our AccesSurf ‘ohana?

Thank you for existing, caring and continuing!!