kk and bella

Thank you Kristen for your years of dedication to our program and participants! Kristen shares with us how she got involved with AccesSurf ….. ‘I became involved with AccesSurf in 2009 when I met my very best friend Cara Troy out in the surf break at rock piles. She soon told me about AccesSurf. my first tandem surf was with Chris’s daughter and I will never forget the feeling of riding the wave with another person, enjoying the same exact moment and feeling together. Truly special! I am involved with AccesSurf because it is truly my favorite day of the month. People are happy, spirits are high, my best friends are all there! I have met such inspiring, wonderful people at AccesSurf and continue to every month! Thank you to everyone for being exactly who you are & enjoying the surf as a big team!  🙂