For the past 4 years Jonah has helped changed many lives with his willingness to share his waterman skills and passion for the ocean with AccesSurf. We feel so fortunate to have him part of the AccesSurf ‘ohana!
He is not only one of our of key surf instructors at Day at the Beach, he also dedicates many hours every month as a member of our Leadership Committee assisting with the ‘behind the scenes’ details that keep us going.
To top it all off his company Hillside Realty is sponsoring Day at the Beach lunch for April AND May!
In his own words..
‘My Fiancé Erin Hisano and I got started volunteering with AccesSurf shortly after we began dating in December of 2011.  Erin knew how much I loved the ocean & surfing.  She thought this would be another fun activity that we could both enjoy and participate in on a monthly basis.  After our first event we were both hooked.  AcceSurf is my favorite time of the month.  Each time I attend I am reminded of how amazing the people involved are & how special this program is.  I am inspired every time I go, it truly helps to keep my life in perspective.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for everyone involved and how they live life in & out of the water.  The participants are incredible people, who share my love of the ocean and the experience of surfing.  I always remember their smiles, and happiness, every time we catch a wave or get out of the water. To be able to share a wave with such special people is an incredible gift and I am so fortunate to be a part of it.’


Jonah Kogen